Jeremy Clarkson has just been sacked from the BBC show Top Gear for punching a producer. Anyone else would have been fired immediately and also arrested but it is the BBC after all! With cars and driving in mind what would I include on an automobile themed mix-tape?

Tracy Chapman – “Fast Car”

An awesome song from a singer with a very unmistakeable voice.


Train – “Drive By”

This is such a fast paced song and actually makes you think you are driving at speed to run away from something. Brilliant!


Celine Dion – “I Drove All Night”

Although the this is far from being the original I think Celine does a great job with this cover.


The Cars – “Drive”

Quite a sad song and it always makes me feel a bit lonely when I hear it.


Iggy Pop  – “The Passenger”

Since I cannot drive…yet, this is a fitting song for me!


What about you? What songs would be on your mix-tape? Happy job hunting Jeremy…

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Written by Steve

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