Artist Of The Month: Alphabet Backwards

As you may know I am an iTunes-a-holic and to make sure I remember to listen to older songs, once a month I will add all songs by a particular artist to my iPod so that for that month I will have their songs pop up when I play it on shuffle mode.

For April I have chosen Alphabet Backwards.

For my artist of the month I usually feature someone who has already had a lot of success with a large back catalogue but this month I have decided to do something different.

I want to share a less well known but just as awesome band who I have known about for a few years but they have just started releasing more new material. Alphabet Backwards describe their sound as indie/electro/pop and are a five-piece from Oxford, UK.

The first song I heard from them was called “Elton John” and I got it from the BIRP playlist. It’s such an upbeat song and together with the video you can’t help but feel good after listening to it.


There’s just something about the tone of the lead singer’s voice that I love and also having the mixture of male/female vocals is always a winner with me.

I also really like “Taller” – it’s got a great story to it as well as being a beautiful song.


I’m all about the randomness and awesomeness and, well, you don’t get much more random and awesome than with the song “Polar Bears”.


Their latest offering is a brilliant ballad called “Indian Summer”.


If you like “impossibly, gorgeously, heart-burstingly jolly acoustic-led pop that would sound as at home in the Top 40 as it would at a
drunken barndance” type of music then you will love these guys so please have a listen because I for one am looking forward to listening to them a lot more this month.


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