It doesn’t look like my obsession with Sia and her song “Chandelier” is going to end anytime soon. When I discovered a video of the isolated vocals from one of her recent performances this just added more fuel to the fire.

Isolated vocals are when the sound engineers do their thing and can let us listen to only the feed from the performer’s microphone. The first time I had heard of this was on the opposite side of the spectrum from what we are about to her from Sia. It actually showed how bad the singer was and how much they were being carried by the backing singers – mentioning no names, Mariah Carey.

When I heard the isolated vocals from Sia it just showed how powerful and amazing her voice really is and I was blown away!

It’s all kinds of awesome and I’d love to know what Fel makes of it?

I also discovered this from Adele and it made me remember what a great performer she is too and I can’t wait for her new album.

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Written by Steve

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