After months of anticipation and being in the headlines for various reasons, Madonna’s latest album “Rebel Heart” is finally available.

I’m still reviewing all of her previous albums but this new one deserves a track by track post on its own.

In no particular order it’s the turn of  “Autotune Baby”.

To begin with the sound of a baby crying being autotuned did kind of make me want to skip this track as it did grate a little bit. When the chorus kicked in and the baby f****d off it was a lot more pleasant on the ears.

However, the baby came back and annoyed me again but then f****d off again and it got good again. So, top tip – lose the annoying autotuned baby Madge. You might think that would defeat the object of this song but, no, the baby could laugh or gurgle or something – it surely doesn’t need to cry!



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It also reminds me very much of this:

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