The Big, Throbbing Election Mix-Tape

With only a few weeks to go before the United Kingdom go to the polls for the General Election 2015 I am still as uninterested in politics as ever so let’s have a mix-tape mandate instead!

Busted – “Who’s David?”

This is dedicated to the leader of the Conservative Party.

The Steve Miller Band – “The Joker”

This track is dedicated to the leader of the Labour Party.

Lady Gaga – “Hair”

A big shout out to the leader of the Scottish National Party.

Pink – “You Make Me Sick”

Sadly, I feel like I have to mention the leader of the UK Independence Party.

Sandie Shaw – “Puppet On A String”

The leader of the Liberal Democrats is pretty cool but isn’t really the deputy Prime Minister.

Michael Jackson – “Heal The World”

And finally, let’s not forget the leader of the Green Party – let’s all hold hands for this one!

    What would you include on your Big Election mix-tape, share it with me as I’d love to hear. Tune in to me on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube… Cracked-Facebook-Logo Twitter-Logo cracked-youtube-logo