Now Listen To This – “2Shy” by Shura

While I was trying to do something with my iTunes library I picked a random song to experiment with and this meant it played over and over without me really listening to it.

A few days later I heard it playing on Radio One and I suddenly got that feeling you get when your favourite song is playing. Now I’ve now been listening to it ever since. It’s called “2Shy” by Shura. The song got into my library by way of the BIRP! playlist. Shura is a 23 year old singer, producer, remixer and video editor from Shepherd’s Bush in West London. She was born in Moscow to a Russian actress and an English documentary filmmaker. She was shortlisted for the BBC Sound of 2015 and well, she’s pretty awesome!

This particular song starts off with a real 80s feel to it and makes me think of early Janet Jackson and perhaps even Five Star to an extent and her voice is kind of like…a dream. I’m not sure that’s a proper description but it makes sense to me. Have a listen…


I’ve already tracked down more of her songs and they are all equally as brilliant. I’m really looking forward to hearing more of her in the next few months.

Interestingly, a band that I do quite like – Mumford & Sons performed a cover of this song in the Radio One Live Lounge but I think something got lost in the cover. It’s just not the same without having her voice on it.


What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do?


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