A Royal Mixtape – My Gift To The New Royal Baby

Prince William, his wife Kate and a new royal baby – what songs would I include on a mix-tape to welcome this special little person into the world?

Corona – “(Royal) Baby Baby”

A brilliant 90s euro dance track to show this royal baby all my good memories which will be totally retro for them.

Diana Ross – “(Royal) Baby Love”

She thinks she is music royalty, well let the royal baby be the judge!

Britney Spears – “(Royal) Baby One More Time”

There was once a rumour that Prince William was going to marry Britney – how awesome would that have been? Queen Britney, no offence Kate!

No Doubt – “Hey (Royal) Baby”

I don’t think you could get a better welcome into the world than this song.

Tracy Chapman – “(Royal) Baby Can I Hold You?”

Now, if this isn’t the perfect song to sing this little royal baby to sleep then I don’t know what is.

What would you include on your Royal Baby mix-tape, share it with me as I’d love to hear.

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