The Muppets Go Acapella


It’s viral videos that the new reboot of The Muppet Show need to produce on a weekly basis, please and thank you.

The human in the video, by the way. is “YouTube Star” Mike Tompkins who specializing in a capella songs like this one.

And it seems like The Muppets are planning to do the viral video thing in lead up to a show coming to TV. According to the press release that came with this video:

The Mouse House’s Muppets Studio and YouTube Space LA, the studio Google funds to encourage creators to create video for the platform, have teamed up with YouTubers including a capella vocalist Mike Tompkins, musician Lindsey Stirling, Crash Course, VSauce3, Barely Political and Mental Floss. The videos they have created will appear on the Muppets’ official YouTube channel, as well as on their own channels, and promoted on the Muppets’ social-media pages.

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