Eurovision Song Contest 2015: The United Kingdom – “Still In Love With You” By Electro Velvet

Eurovision 2015 is almost upon us and now that all the countries have chosen their singers and song let’s give them the once-over. The United Kingdom song is called “Still In Love With You” and is performed by Electro Velvet.

So, this is the last of this years reviews and it is the UK and that is purely alphabetical. I first heard this song the evening it was announce and you can see my initial thoughts in this review. Have my thoughts changed since then? Well, it’s hard to say as I’ve hardly listened to it. There has been virtually no promotion for the song as far as I’m aware so I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

Electro Velvet are a duo consisting of a Mick Jagger tribute man and a Voice UK entrant. The song is certainly catchy but that’s not always a good thing. I really wish the UK would step it up a gear as there are so many better and might I say, more serious songs this year and I predict a low score for two reasons – (1) Europe hate the UK and (2) The song could be better.

From watching the video it seems like a grand performance so I’m not sure how that will be re-produced on stage with the rules of only having six people on the stage at one time.


You can watch an interview with them on the Graham Norton show and then a live performance of the song at the Eurovision’s Greatest Hits show and judge for yourself…



Performer: Electro Velvet
Song title: Still In Love With You
Song writer(s): David Mindel & Adrian Bax White
Song composer(s): David Mindel & Adrian Bax White

Well, don’t get on the wrong train
Don’t fly in an old plane
Don’t go out in the pouring rain
You might get wet I’d be upset

You’re bound to get sneezes
Or nasty diseases
Take good care when I’m not there
I’m still in love with you

While I’m on vacation
You be a good patient
Take your medication
I worry so each time I go

Try to keep warm, dear
In case there’s a storm, dear
Take good care while I’m not there
I’m still in love with you

Some younger guys with roving eyes may tantalise you with their lies
You must be wise and realise, leave well alone till you get home, dear

Won’t see other fellas, don’t wanna make you jealous
No need to fear when you’re not here, I’m still in love with you


Let’s dance, dance

Don’t walk on the red light
Don’t stay out at midnight
Don’t get in a fist fight, that pretty face can’t be replaced…

Won’t be out at night, hon
It wouldn’t be right hon
No need to fear when you’re not here, I’m still in love with you

(Oh yes)


Everybody dance
Everybody dance

Everybody dance
Everybody dance


Sounding good, sugar


You take care now, honey

Don’t make a fuss, you need to trust me
This is how it always must be
When I stop to think of us, I can assure you, I adore you

Because you’re so gorgeous
You need to be cautious
Take good care when I’m not there, I’m still in love with you

You have a fun time,
And soak up that sunshine
But don’t drink too much wine,
Just one or two will have to do

I know what you’re thinking
So I won’t be drinking
No need to fear when you’re not here, I’m still in love with you

I’m still in love with you

I’m still in love with you


Good luck Electro Vevlvet!


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