A Eurovision Mix-tape To End All Mix-tapes

It’s the 60th Eurovision Song Contest and to say I’m excited about it is an under statement! If I was to compile my ultimate Eurovision mix-tape then what songs would be on it?

Its a tough choice so I’m just going to think of the first five favourites of mine that come to mind as there are just too many gems!

Carola – “Fangad Av an Stormvind”

A Swedish Eurovision legend and a pop pixie of a performance.


Aud Wilken – “Fra Mols Til Skagen'”

Not really true Eurovision but pure genius!


Mekado –  “Wir Geben ‘Ne Party”

They can’t dance in time but I really still want to go to their party!


Krista Siegfrids – “Marry Me”

A more recent song but an instant classic.


Sonia – “Better The Devil You Know”

Sonia was robbed – enough said!


What would you include on your Eurovision mix-tape, share it with me as I’d love to hear and I hope you enjoy the new blog when it comes!

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