We have a winner! Måns Zelmerlöw from Sweden has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song Heroes.

In one of the most closely scored finals this song eventually ran away with the votes to take us back to Sweden next year.


There’s no doubt its a great song performed by a handsome guy with some fantastic staging. I think it was the staging that just gave it that extra edge over the runners-up Russia. Well done Sweden and good job that Måns!

So, Eurovision is over for another year. Well, for normal people it is but Eurovision never really ends for me and I have a few questions that need answers!

The United Kingdom came a pathetic 24th out of 27 countries and only scored 5 points. In a year where the contest that although did have some political voting it was far, far less than has been known in previous years.

The usual excuse that the UK use for a poor result – “oh, it’s all political voting, no one likes us we don’t stand a chance no matter who performs what” – just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s now more obvious than ever that we send shit songs and shit performers – fact!

Credit to Electro Velvet for doing an amazing job but when you hear crap lyrics sang badly to an irritating tune from people wearing cheap wrap around glow sticks purchased at Poundland, or since they were in Austria – Puntland, then you have the sudden realization that your country is the only novelty act in the contest. It’s embarrassing!


Therefore, my questions that I will strive to find answers to over the next few months are as follows.

UK Selection Choices and Processes

Everything that’s been tried in previous years quite clearly hasn’t worked.

Choosing reality talent show rejects hasn’t worked – the word “reject” should have probably been a clue there.

Remember him? No, I thought not…

Digging up singers from the past hasn’t worked – let them retire in peace, they’ve had their time.

Holes were drilled into Bonnie Tyler’s coffin so we could still get to hear her sing

Allowing public submissions hasn’t worked – leave that to Simon Cowell, he’s already got a show for that and it’s called the X Factor.

Choosing an up and coming artist, such as Molly, was a good idea but again, it didn’t work.

Here’s a thought…Italy and Australia send their current, biggest artists and they come 3rd and 5th and had the potential to win almost up until the end.

It’s time the UK convinces an artist who is, at the moment, flying high in the charts to take on Eurovision. It’s not a career finisher anymore – do your research!

As for the UK selection process, or should I say lack of it – this needs opened up again. Sweden, the winners, have Melodifestivalen – a 2 month-long extravaganza of a selection process. The UK had Scott Mills casually mention the Electro Velvet song on the Red Button digital service…

The last time the UK done well was when there was a lengthy tv selection process with Jade Ewan being the chosen one. It’s not rocket science BBC, come on! Imagine this, it’s January, the X Factor has finished, people need a pick me up on telly after Christmas and New Year and no one really likes The Voice, do they?

Andrew Lloyd Webber done a great job…maybe lose the hat next time though Andy!


The UK are one of the main fundraisers for the show and we just don’t take it seriously enough. Here’s a question – would you pay £50 to enter a marathon and walk backwards around the course?

No! BBC – start using our money properly, and it is our money as we still pay for TV licenses, or just don’t enter!


The Big Five

The so called “Big Five” countries who put most of the funding in to the contest so they bypass the semi finals, and this is funny – with the exception of Italy, didn’t even finish top 20. Also, Austria who got automatic entry to the final as the host country – finished last. The automatic entry is putting countries at a disadvantage, not an advantage. With not having to perform live during the semi finals, no one is really familiar with the song prior to the final and are clearly not voting for them. I get why they automatically qualify but at least let them perform live during the intervals or something?

That’s my Eurovision Mission for the next few months – we need answers and I am going to try and get them!

Also, for anyone else that still needs a weekly Eurovision fix I will still be reviewing contests from years gone by.


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Written by Steve

I’m Steve and live in a village called Alford (home of Emeli Sande & birthplace of the Aberdeen Angus cow) in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I currently work in the IT industry (yawn) I just want to share my ideas, findings and general reflections with whoever wants to listen.