TFI Friday: A Live Performance Mix-tape

TFI Friday – one of the best shows from the late nineties is coming back for a one off special and it’s made me remember all the great live performances. So, what would I include on a mix-tape of live performances from this amazing show?

Kylie Minogue – “Some Kind Of Bliss”

Kylie was going through her indie phase at this point and it wasn’t appreciated enough!

Paul McCartney – “Young Boy'”

He gets everywhere doesn’t he?

Ocean Colour Scene –  “Riverboat Song”

One of my favourite bands and this song was used to introduce every guest on the show.

Manic Street Preachers – “You Stole The Sun”

Britpop from the masters!

The Corrs – “Breathless”

It wasn’t all Britpop though, there was poppy pop too. Ahhhh the beautiful Corrs!

  What would you include on your live performance mix-tape, share it with me as I’d love to hear. Tune in to me on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube… Cracked-Facebook-Logo Twitter-Logo cracked-youtube-logo

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