It’s All About The Money –  A FIFA Mix-tape

During a week where the football world and FIFA has been plagued with corruption what would I include on a mix-tape about money?

ABBA – “Money, Money, Money”

Probably the most obvious choice but if there is a chance of me getting ABBA on to a mix-tape then I’ll grab it!

Stereophonics – “Everyday I Think Of Money'”

Once more, any excuse to get a Britpop band on a mix-tape and I’ll grab that too!

Meja –  “All ‘Bout The Money”

Possibly not a very well known tune but definetly always the one that is in my head as soon as I hear the word money.

Cabaret – “Money”

I couldn’t not include this now could I?

The Adventures Of Stevie V – “Dirty Cash (Money Talks)”

Very nineties and very brilliant!

What would you include on your money mix-tape, share it with me as I’d love to hear.

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