Album Review: Giorgio Moroder – Déjà Vu

Consequence of Sound

What are the limits of catharsis? For years, disco, house, and the other seedlings of what’s come to be known as EDM functioned as sluices for the stress endured by oppressed people. The genre of house is named after a gay club frequented by queer men of color, while critically maligned disco served as the soundtrack to gay culture’s breach into the mainstream in the 1970s. Forty years later, the four-on-the-floor beats and glittering synthesizers that once foretold a bright, free future now ring out blankly over the loudspeakers at your local CVS.

Giorgio Moroder pioneered synth music production. He is the force responsible for the instrumentation of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”, still one of the most transcendent records that can be spun. Last summer, Moroder played “I Feel Love” for a crowd of thousands at Pitchfork Music Festival some time after he sampled Charli XCX’s chorus from “Fancy”…

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