Talk About Pop Music Is Going On Tour

As discussed previously I will be going to see Marina And The Diamonds in November and I am very excited about that. However it doesn’t stop there!

It’s going to be an exciting few months because as well as seeing this fabulous singer perform this…

…live. I also have a few other things lined up!

In September I will be going to see Tom Odell in Aberdeen as part of the True North festival so I will get to see him perform songs like this – live.

As if all that wasn’t exciting enough – wait for this! In December I will be going to see none other than the Queen Of Pop herself on her Rebel Heart tour! Could I ask for a better early Christmas present?

Although I did see Madonna in Edinburgh a few years ago on the MDNA tour I don’t think it was the best venue so I’m hoping this is going to be spectacular. I’m also hoping she doesn’t have a cape incident or even worse I hope she doesn’t do a Michael Jackson before the concert in December! Here’s how I’m hoping to see her perform…

Obviously there will lots of coverage nearer and after the events!

What about you? What artists have you watched live, would like to see or are going to see soon?

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11 responses to “Talk About Pop Music Is Going On Tour

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  2. So far this year I’ve seen Elbow, Kaiser Chiefs, Morrissey, Matt Cardle, been to my local music festival Rhythms Of The World, Kaiser Chiefs (again), and have tickets for Editors in October ie NOT ENOUGH! I’m waiting for the Muse tour to surface, which will no doubt be a desperate scramble for tickets. I wanted to see U2, but the prices are ridiculous and you have to draw a line sometimes.

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