Puff Daddy and Faith Evans feat. 112 – I’ll Be Missing You

We Are Number Ones

First Hit #1: June 14, 1997

It can’t help but feel mercenary when a song comes out in tribute to a very recently deceased artist. No matter how heartfelt, no matter how well meaning, it still feels a bit like cashing in on the recently deceased. Puff Daddy did lose a friend and collaborator in The Notorious B.I.G., Faith Evans lost a husband, so it should feel like some people honestly mourning someone they cared about very deeply. Unfortunately, given that it was written and recorded so quickly, it doesn’t work as intended. Most of the lyrics are empty platitudes rather than feeling personal, and the chorus is simply a weaker variation on Every Breath You Take. But then, because it was put together so quickly, the publishing rights actually belong to Sting – the curse of an unclear sample – and many of the decisions feel like fumbling through…

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