Soundtrack Of Summer – A Vacation Mix-Tape

The holiday is over so what would I say were the soundtrack songs to this vacation? 

What would be on my holiday mix-tape?

Justin Bieber “What Do You Mean?”

This track was dropped just as I was about I leave for the airport. I can’t say I’ve been a “Belieber” before but when I first heard his last tune I could kind of see he was trying to turn over a new leaf. Justin’s new stuff has a really good sound to it and during recent interviews I have watched I seriously think he has turned a good corner.

So, to all the non-beliebers I say judge him on his new music not his past mistakes – we all make them!

There’s also a really nice acoustic version…


Natalie Imbruglia – “Instant Crush”

I had head this track once or twice before I went on holidays but since I had forgot to sync my Spotify playlists before the plane journey I only had Natalie’s latest album, “Male”, to listen to. After a few wines and in a state of semi-snooze this track must have slipped into my sub-consciousness as I couldn’t get it out my head for the first few days.


Ed Sheeran – “Photograph”

Simply a beautiful song from an amazingly talented, all round nice guy. I listened to this a lot whilst lounging around the pool!


Maja Francis – “Last Days Of Dancing”

During the course of my holiday I was reblogging posts from other music blogs and one from Alftitude really stood out. She’s from Sweden and has a kind of Robyn/The Cardigans vibe to her sound. I played this a lot during my second week away.

There’s also a great acoustic version where Maja herself introduces the song by explaining the meaning behind it.


Maja Francis & Veronica Maggio – “Space Invades My Mind”

Maja again – she really was one of the best holiday music discoveries ever! This time she’s teamed up with another Swedish pop star – could it get much better? I hope so as I will be following her closely from now on.

What about you, what songs remind you of your most recent vacation?


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12 responses to “Soundtrack Of Summer – A Vacation Mix-Tape

  1. I hate to admit I might like a Bieber song, but I might like a Bieber song. I wasn’t going to listen, but I gave it go since you said it was OK to try. 🙂

    My most recent vacation in March was to Australia. While boarding the Qantas plane, the inflight audio kept repeating the same loop which consisted of Take Me to Church and Martha Marlow’s version of the Randy Newman song “Feels Like Home.” Qantas used the song in a marketing campaign and it works! Whenever I hear the song, I now think of Australia.

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