Picture this – the song starts and you can be forgiven for thinking it’s going to be “Love Machine” by Girls Aloud and running to get on the dance floor (maybe that’s just me?). Halfway to be floor you start thinking it’s about to kick in to the theme tune for Duck Tales. You realise it’s neither, it’s actually the new song “Sax” by the 2015 UK X Factor runner up, Fleur East. By this time you are already on the dance floor and you are sure glad you are!

This song is so upbeat and infectious that I’d listened to it on loop well over 10 times after initially discovering it. It’s Fleur’s own “Uptown Funk” and it’s awesome. A catchy tune, great sax and plenty of instrumental breaks where she can do her funky dancing. Listen to it and try to keep still…

Fleur has the potential to be a HUGE star. Possibly another addition to the evidence that losing the X Factor is actually winning

It’s quite obvious how things went after the final of the X Factor last year. Simon Cowell says to the winner, Ben Haenow, something like “here’s some cash now go off and play nice with Kelly Clarkson and leave me alone”. Which Ben would have went along with as he’s such a nice guy but the results of his “play date” with Kelly haven’t really set the music industry on fire. ..

The fact that his first X Factor performance as being the winner on this year’s show was on the Saturday live show after all the acts rather than the Sunday results show just shows what Simon really thinks. Couple that to the question “where the fuck was Kelly Clarkson?” and it’s very clear who Simon favours!

Meanwhile, after seeing the reaction to Fleur’s version of “Uptown Funk” Simon sees dollar signs and leads Fleur out the back door by the wrist and invests Squidly and Didley’s inheritance in making this very talented girl a megastar!

Good call Simon – I think it’s paid off but hey now, don’t forget Ben!

Good luck Fleur and just in case anyone’s is interested here are the videos for “Love Machine” and “Duck Tales”. Enjoy!

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