The Spotify “Discover Weekly” Playlist Introduces Me To Maria Mena

I love my playlists, my mixtapes and I’ve started to also love Spotify. You can imagine my joy when Spotify started to produce a playlist called “Discover Weekly” which consists of songs chosen just for me based on my listening habits – automagically!

I pretty much love every song on my playlist week and there are songs ranging from cheesy to ballads and everything in between.

Taken a listen to my “Discover Weekly” playlist…

This is surely a great way to discover new music that is just right for you which you might never have otherwise found. This week the stand out track for me is “All This Time (Pick Me Up Song)” by Maria Mena. All I know about her so far is she is from Norway but based on this song I am going to be taking a listen to more of her stuff. This track does exactly as it says – it’s a “pick me up song” in the feel-good way, a really sweet song sang with an even sweeter voice.



What about you? Please feel free to share your playlist with me, I’d love to hear!


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