Justin Bieber vs One Direction (Made In The AM vs Purpose) – A Chart Battle Mix-Tape

justin-bieber-one-direction-albumsOne Direction release their new album “Made In The AM” on the same day that Justin Bieber releases his new album “Purpose”. The battle is ON for the Number One spot. What other big chart battles or rivalry has there been? What songs would I include on a “battle” mix-tape and more importantly – who do I consider the winners?


Oasis vs Blur

This was a big Britpop battle and although I did initially want “Country House” to win I eventually was more of an Oasis fan so get over it and Roll With It!


Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera

In the early years these two were always being compared to each other but I think it was quite obvious who had the most talent (and also perhaps sanity).


Gary Barlow vs Robbie Williams

Although both guys were part of Take That one of the biggest boy band in the UK they did fall out massively and Robbie had the most successful solo career to begin with. Gary kind of lost the plot for a little while but has now moved well above Robbie.


Although it’s nice to see that they have kissed and made up…


The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones

Credit to The Rolling Stones in the fact that they are still together and touring but remember that, unlike The Beatles, all the members are still alive (barely). Although I do like some of their songs I am still a Beatles fan more. I mean what other band can make a song that I originally sang as a children’s song? Genius!


The Spice Girls vs All Saints

The Spice Girls were much more popular by far but All Saints were way cooler!


I think we all know who has the biggest d**k but who will have the biggest sales? Good luck to them both!




One Direction…


What about you? What songs would you include on a “chart battle” mix-tape?


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