#Adele25 – Adele Has Released Her New Album: Let’s Celebrate With A “25” Mix-Tape

adele-wallpaper-1980575468The release of Adele’s latest album, 25, is going to be a massive event. I’m also sure it will allow a few other songs with the number 25 in the title the opportunity to reach the top of search results, maybe even on Spotify (Come. On. Adele! Really?). So, what songs would I include on a “25” mix-tape?


“25 Minutes To Go” by Johnny Cash

I wouldn’t quite hang myself if Adele never put her new album on Spotify but I’d be very, very disappointed in her


“25 To Life” by Eminem

Eminem is always better when he has other people doing some singing on his songs…maybe he should team up with Adele one day?


“25 Hours” by Johnny Marr

The less famous and possibly more fun ex-Smiths band member.



“25 Years” by Pantera

Polar opposite in musical genre from Adele but I can just picture her rocking out to this one of an evening.



“In The Year 2525” by Zager And Evans

Let’s finish off with 2 lots of 25 – I wonder how many albums Adele will have sold by the year 2525?


What about you? What songs would you include on a “chart battle” mix-tape?


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