UPDATE – talkaboutpopmusic: the people’s playlist


Every week I will produce a post inviting you all to add one more song to the playlist. Perhaps it’s another favourite, a new discovery or just a song that has been constantly playing on a loop in your head for the past week. I will update the playlist and share any new additions on a weekly basis.

This week Raewyn has added “Imagine” by John Lennon. She says “she loves this video – it is very emotional and so true at this time”. It is indeed a song with a great message, particularly during these current times. Thanks Raewyn and thanks John!


I know it’s only November but I’ve decided to add a Christmas tune. It’s a brand new song from the wonderful Kylie and it’s called “Christmas Isn’t Christmas ‘Til You Get Here”. Have a listen and I guarantee it will get you in the festive mood!


Simply leave the song you want added to the playlist and why in the comments section of the weekly update post each week.

Join in…now – leave your song below! Go on, don’t be scared – this is a great way of discovering new music.

Add to it, listen to it, share it, follow it – let’s make it something everyone wants to listen to!

Here it is with all songs that have been added up until now – talkaboutpopmusic: the people’s playlist



Happy listening! Happy sharing! I can’t wait to hear your songs!


Tune in to me on Spotify, YouTube, last.fm, Twitter and Facebook…






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