Every UK Christmas Number One: The Sixties

Christmas Number Ones In The Sixties

The Christmas Number One song in UK singles chart has always been a coveted prize for any music artist.

The first Christmas number one of the Sixties was “It’s Now or Never” by Elvis Presley. He was a King right enough so that’s good for Christmas – if there were another two then we’d have a set of Three Kings. Oh well, never mind – classic Elvis!

The 1961 Christmas number one was “Tower of Strength” by Frankie Vaughan. Not a festive tune but he really belts this out!

1962 and it’s The King again. This time with “Return To Sender” – how rude, it sounds like he’s got a Christmas gift that he really didn’t like and wants to send it back. Perhaps the sender should have just sent him a cheeseburger!

The Beatles had the top spot for the festive season in 1963. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” had a bit of Christmas spirit in its message.

Beatlemania was certainly in full swing as they also had the number one of Christmas 1964 with “I Feel Fine”. I’m usually fine on Christmas Day but Boxing Day hangovers are a different story!

Okay, I’m getting bored now – The Beatles were at the top of the charts again in 1965, this time with “Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out”. Seriously guys, give someone else a chance – you’re not Simon Cowell, you know!

Alas, it wasn’t the Beatles in 1966 – it was Tom Jones with the brilliant “Green Green Grass Of Home“. Take a look at the original and then watch the performance from a few years back – don’t you think he’s turning into a bronzed, leather clad Santa? Nadolig Llawen!

Excuse my language but, f**k off Beatles! Number one again for Christmas 1967 with “Hello Goodbye”. Hopefully the latter.

Christmas 1968 saw the first comedy song take first place in the festive music competition. The Scaffold put “Lily the Pink” well and truly in the pink this Christmas time. Altogether now…”we’ll drink, we’ll drink…”

The final song of the Sixties makes me really sad and angry at the same time. Rolf Harris – one of my childhood favourites who was recently jailed at the age of 84. Guilty or innocent, good or evil –  I still love the song “Two Little Boys

Well, that’s the Sixties all wrapped up in a Christmas bow.

Take a look at the FiftiesSixtiesSeventiesEightiesNineties & Noughties number ones and stay festive or listen to the entire playlist:

ughties number ones and stay festive!

Let us know you favourite Christmas number one in the comments below or tweet @PopAndTalk

Every UK Christmas Number One Song


9 responses to “Every UK Christmas Number One: The Sixties

  1. Rather boring 60’s Christmas songs – I loved Lily the Pink a lot and remember Rolf Harris well – he was very popular here in the late 60’s. I used to sing to all his songs now I can’t hear them without thinking that he is now in Jail and my innocence has now gone.

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