Every UK Christmas Number One: The Nineties

Christmas Number Ones In The Nineties

The Christmas Number One song in UK singles chart has always been a coveted prize for any music artist.

The first Christmas number one of the new decade was “Saviour’s Day” by Cliff Richard. Let’s face it he was Mr Christmas back in the day…although I liked this song it was maybe a bit too religious for me.

The 1991 Christmas number one was “Bohemian Rhapsody” / “These Are the Days of Our Lives” by Queen. This was released as a tribute to Freddie Mercury who died in this year – what a loss but what a great song and it was great to see it back in the festive top spot.

1992 was “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. This song was around for weeks before Christmas and I was glad it stayed at the number one slot for Christmas. RIP Whitney.

1993 was a car crash of a song and I’m not sure who we should blame for this but someone must take the shame for  “Mr Blobby” by Mr Blobby

1994 was “Stay Another Day” by East 17. Although it kept Oasis off the top spot and I am a massive Oasis fan I was kind of glad it did – much more Christmassy!

A song from another mega star who is now no longer with us. In 1995 it was “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson. Far from festive and possibly even a little scary but well done Jacko!

For 1996 it was the start of a trend when “2 Become 1” by Spice Girls got to the top. They were everywhere for the next few years and this was my favourite one of their Christmas hits.

Again in 1997 – Spice Girls with “Too Much”. Yes, I think by this time we were all having too much of them.

In 1998 “Goodbye” by Spice Girls was their final song this time around – bye girls!

It was the turn of the boy band in 1999 when “I Have a Dream” / “Seasons in the Sun”  by Westlife took first place. Technically they were covers and I still much prefer the originals.

Well, that’s the Nineties and the entire century over with – what’s your favourite from this list?

Take a look at the FiftiesSixtiesSeventiesEightiesNineties & Noughties number ones and stay festive or listen to the entire playlist:

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Every UK Christmas Number One Song


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