Suffering The January Blues? Don’t! Remember There Are THREE Primary Colours!


Beat The January Blues

The holiday season is over and it’s back to reality and trying to keep those January “blues” away. We need to focus on the other primary colours!

If you have a problem with that then let OK Go remind you that there are THREE primary colours – and they can be mixed!


Guy Mitchell always cheers me up.


Take a chill pill with Donovan.


Make blue a happy colour with Lily Allen.

Ok Go then mix them up so let’s do that too.

Red & yellow make orange. Orange!

If the theme tune from “Orange Is The New Black” by Regina Spektor doesn’t get you motivated then nothing will!

Yellow & blue make green. Green!

Two songs from the underrated debut solo album from Take That’s Mark Owen, “Green Man” that will lift your spirits and have you believing in not just yourself but also the boogie are “Clementine” & “I Am What I Am”.

Blue & red make purple. Purple!

If all else fails, don’t run for the purple hills or get drenched by the purple rain – close your eyes and think of the purple people eater.

That’s a lot of colours to mix in!

Don’t suffer the January blues!

What about you? What songs cheer you up and stop you feeling blue? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @PopAndTalk

Suffering The January Blues? Don't - There Are Three Primary Colours