The Tipping Point

London-based duo Tender recently dropped ‘Lost’, adding to the cold, wintry January chill. Not content with hibernation, this is the band’s second release of the year so far.

Tender unleash soulful, almost delicate vocals, evoking an intimate mood. There’s a brooding sense of loneliness here too, reminiscent of Glass Animals or Tropics. The duo’s sliced-up vocals, percussive pitter-patter and attentive bass unite for a breathtaking production.

‘Lost’ features a quote from “The Devil and Daniel Webster”. The story tells of a lawyer’s defence of a farmer who, facing adversity, traded his soul to the devil. Daniel Webster argues that to be human is a journey fraught with challenge, but that adversity is what makes humanity worth striving for. Tender’s vocals drip with loss, longing and unrequited love here – alone in the abyss, searching for the light.

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Written by Steve

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