LISTEN: Cameron A G: “Way Back Home”

The Tipping Point

‘Way Back Home’, the title track from Cameron A G’s upcoming EP, is a nostalgic and ethereal ballad, where Cameron sings longingly and romantically of the past, communicating his strong and desperate desire to go back.

The fragile semanticity of the song is echoed beautifully within the music – languid vocals sit delicately over a chugging guitar reverb and atmospheric synthy strings. Nothing is too heavy handed, and the elegance of the song owes itself to each instrument playing a role which is intricate and subtle.

Without overwhelming us with emotion, the song’s gentle message echoes and reverbanates with us, with Cameron repeating his understated mantra ‘if I could only turn back time, but the clock’s not on my side’ as the song lightly and smoothly builds to it’s climax.

‘Way Back Home’ is a credible and meaningful follow up to his debut track ‘Lost Direction’, which was premiered…

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