St Patrick’s Day – To Be Sure, To Be Sure

St Patrick’s Day is almost upon us so if I was asked to produce a mix-tape to go with the drunkenness, what would I include on it?

The Cranberries – “Dreams”

There’s certainly no mistaking the Irishness of these guys – I love the way her accent shines through.


Sinead O’Connor – “Take Me To Church”

A break from the normal style for Sinead and I like it a lot. Whether or not she’d convince me to go to church is another story…


Stephen Gately – “Stay”

I could have went for Ronan Keating or Boyzone but the world is a much sadder place without this lovely man.


Paddy Casey – “Saints & Sinners”

Not a major player but when I came across this song I instantly loved it and still do.


The Dubliners – “The Irish Rover”

No party would be complete without dancing to this on top of the tables at the end of the night.


What about you? What songs would be on your mix-tape? HAPPY PADDY’S DAY!