Interview: Quickfire With Lucius



This seems to be Lucius’ big year. Their new record, ‘Good Grief’ has already made a huge impact and is showing that pop can still be a creative, random and beautiful thing.

As it’s one of my favourite records this spring, I jumped at the chance to send over a few questions to Jess Wolfe, one half of those stunning voices…

You’ve been around for quite a while, how did you meet up and what’s kept you together all these years?

To be honest, it was never really a question. Holly and I started working together nearly twelveyears ago. From the moment we started singing, we sort of never looked back. It was an instant musical kinship – we had different individual strengths to contribute to an even stronger unit, together. I think whats kept us together is a balanced partnership, a ton of mutual respect, and a shared musical…

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