London Boys – My Love

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Whenever I start writing about a song, the thing that is usually furthest from my mind is credibility – either mine or that of whoever I’m talking about. In my opinion credibility is the enemy of amazingness and soon as you start thinking about it you’re doomed (and while we’re at it, the same goes for longevity). Yet even I paused when I considered doing a piece on the London Boys and I had to stop and ask myself why.

The London Boys (Dennis and Edem) felt like a sort of acrobatic male counterpart to Mel & Kim, even down to the fondness for little hats. Put together in Hamburg by producer Ralf René Maué, for a few months in 1989 they were absolutely huge. They had two gigantic hits (Requiem and London Nights), and an album that shifted in mystifyingly large quantities. In fact, The Twelve Commandments of…

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