LISTEN: Catholic Action – L.U.V.

The Tipping Point

Remember when every club under the sun had an ‘indie disco’ through the mid 2000s? Bopping around to Klaxons or wielding your best air bass to Franz Ferdinand was a must at those nights, but the indie disco now seems like a remnant of the past. A story we’ll tell our kids – about when indie rock and pop was best taken with a cheap bottle of lager in a sweaty basement. Luckily, Glaswegian quartet Catholic Action are here to keep the magic alive with their latest single ‘L.U.V’.

They’ve already supported indie disco staples such as The Libertines and FFS (the Franz Ferdinand / Sparks supergroup), so they’ve got the credential, but they also got the tune to back it up. Short and snappy, bouncy and oh-so-addictive, “L.U.V.” is that “grab your mates from the bar and drag them to the dancefloor for a boogie” sort of track.

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