1990: I ♥ The Eurovision Song Contest

The year is 1990 and it was my first proper Eurovision Song Contest. I was now completely hooked on the songs, the performances and of course the fantastically sarcastic commentary from Sir Terry Wogan.

The entry from the UK this year was called “Give A Little Love Back To The World” by Emma, who was fifteen years old. I actually liked the song at the time but now, watching the performance, I just see big hair and lots of it. I’m also not quite sure why Sinitta is dressed up like a Quality Street and singing backing vocals – I don’t remember that. The song is so environmentaly friendly it makes me want to vomit into a plastic bag and then put it in my not-for-recycling wheely bin…

This contest did have a lot of songs which carried messages such as let’s save the planet, unite Europe, don’t be racist blah blah blah – which although are good messages aren’t really fun songs. Step up to the stage Yugoslavia… This was much more like it! I had no idea what the hell she was singing about but this singer, who seemed to be a mash-up of Debbie Harry, Marilyn Monroe and Transvision Vamp, had me making up my own words and singing along for weeks…

The party is only just beginning. If Same Difference’s parents are from Iceland then this is them, I swear. This song still has me bopping along but I’m also transfixed on how big the woman’s head is…

So, who was the eventual winner? A very boring, very politically focussed song sung by a Miami Vice reject called Toto from Italy. I feel sorry for the female backing singer because it looks like someone has stolen her shoes and she’s had to come on in her trainers…

What was the first ever Eurovision Song Contest you watched? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @PopAndTalk


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