WATCH: “Home” By Twinnie


Who Is Twinnie?

Fans of UK soap opera Hollyoaks might recognise Twinnie as Porsche McQueen but I’ve not watched the show for a few years so I am unfamiliar with the character – which I am actually glad of because I can appreciate this song for what it is without any soap star turned pop star pre-conceptions. It’s awesome!

Home is a heart wrenching and defiant track about losing love with a swelling chorus and soaring vocal hooks that beautifully narrate the journey of a break-up. The feeling on the single is reminiscent of artists such as The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons, whilst also transcending into a more traditional pop feel akin to the likes ofElla Henderson. Twinnie is bringing a new edge and is a fresh new face to the country pop music scene – a welcome change from the dated look and feel of the genre.

Home is out on 1st July 2016 via TLM Records and I will surely be keeping a close eye on this girl!

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