Record Breakers & Trivia: Most Number 2 Hits Without Ever Making Number 1

SASH profile pic

Which artist has had the most number two hits without making it to number one?

There can be few things more frustrating for an artist than seeing their single just miss out on a UK number one. German DJ, Sash!, holds the record for this – 5 of them!

The songs by Sash! were very popular around the time when I was at University and still young enough to go to night clubs and enjoy it. Much like the chances of Sash! ever getting a number one, those days are long gone but at least I have my memories…

“Encore Un Fois” was a sure fire dance floor filler!

“La Primavera” was one of my favourites even although it only got to number three.

A shift in style was the slower paced “Just Around The Hill” which got to number eight.

But, back to number twos by Sash (ooo errr) and here is the brilliant “Ecuador”.

What about you? What’s your favourite Sash song? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @PopAndTalk