Who is Charlyn?

Charlyn is an Indie pop singer, songwriter and performer. She was born on December 26th 1991 and grew up in Switzerland. She decided to move to London in 2011 to study music and to fulfill her passion.

“Marylise” is Charlyn’s promising first single from her upcoming debut EP. Have a listen to the song and then read the interview that I did with the singer behind Charlyn.

Hey Charlyn, your new single is called Marylise – who is Marylise?

Marylise is a fictional character, representing every person that feels unhappy happy with their life and wishes to live the life of someone else.


Oh dear – I hope Marylise finds her happiness.


Who are your musical gods or goddesses?

There are many, but The 1975, U2, Coldplay, Michael Jackson are some of them.

I also love The 1975 right now – let’s hear from them…

What was the first song you sang in public?

I think it was “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys when I was about 12.


Starting young with such a big song – awesome! What’s on your MP3 player right now?

Coldplay, Strange Names, CHVRCHES, Michael Jackson, Tycho

I’ve not heard of Strange Names so let’s hear your recommendation…


What was the last gig you performed at?

Our EP launch party in Switzerland in Grandson.

And it just so happens we have this to watch…

Are you a belieber or a non belieber?

I like his new stuff but I wouldn’t say I am a belieber.


What was the number one song when you were born?

Bryan Adams “Everything I Do I Do it For You”

Interesting – did you know the record set by that song could be broken this week?


Okay, just me that’s a geek then!


Who is the Queen Of Pop?


Correct answer!


What’s your favourite joke?

Hm I don’t really have one favourite, everything makes me laugh.

Hmmm, you’ve obviously not heard any of mine then!


What’s your favourite lyric from your own songs?

I like the lyrics in ‘The Last Dance’ I guess the whole song

And here it is…


What’s your favourite lyric ever?

My current one would be “I don’t want your body but I hate to think about you with somebody else. Our love has gone cold you’re intertwining your soul with somebody else. I’m looking through you while you’re looking through your phone and then leaving with somebody else. No I don’t want your body but I’m picturing your body with somebody else.” by The 1975.

Very deep! Good choice!


What’s next for Charlyn?

We have quite a few gigs and radio sessions plans over the UK and Switzerland, and we are going to record our first album to hopefully release it end of this year.

Thanks  for chatting Charlyn – it’s been awesome and I look forward to hearing more of your music in the future!


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