Who are Council?

COUNCIL consists of three brothers hoping to trade in a life of farming for success in their true passion: music.

Pat, Doug and Andy Reeves have balanced working in the fields of Baldwinsville, NY. during the day and honing their craft at night in their family barn and their commitment to their music has begun to pay off. They have recently gained both local and national attention for their unique sound and charismatic performances. Having played numerous successful shows at the mainstays in NYC, and opening for bands such as The All American Rejects and The Kooks, they have established themselves at one of the top up and coming bands to watch.

COUNCIL has just finished their debut EP, Rust To Gold, with Grammy Nominated Producer Justin Gray (Mariah Carey, John Legend), 10 time Grammy Nominated Mixer Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers) and Mastering Legend Howie Weinberg (U2, Nirvana). Take a listen and then read on to see the interview that Doug Reeves from the band did with me…

Hey Doug – thanks for chatting to me – so, why the name Council?

My brother Pat found the name Council in the bible. We liked it because it represents how we are as a band. We all have a say in what direction the band takes. If there is a debate on something, majority rules. So, sometimes its in one of our interest to get an ally when suggesting something or shooting down an idea.

Good stuff! Three brothers in a band? That must make for some arguments?

Haha. Yes, there are a lot of arguments between us three. We argue about everything and anything when dealing with the band. Examples could be; which direction we want the band’s sound to take, who gets updated equipment next, where our next show will be. At the end of the day the reason we are able to get past the arguments is we all want to be in the biggest band in the world. So, we have to come to a compromise and work together if this is going to happen.

So who is the “boss” brother?

The “boss’ brother would be Pat. He is the lead singer and has to do most of the talking for the band. He kind of fell into the roll of lead singer. We taught ourselves how to play instruments and then realized one of us had to be the singer. Pat took the job. He makes the songs come to life so it knows what works on many aspects.


Who are your musical gods or goddesses?

The Who, U2, Foo Fighters, Queen, Oasis are our musical gods.


Good choices and Oasis are one of my favourite bands too. What was the first song you sang in public?

The first song we sang in public was “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Oasis is actually a big reason we decided to stop farming and start a band. We happen to catch a rerun of Oasis Behind The Music and we loved Liam and Noels dynamic. Liam mentioned something like if you think you can do it, start your own band. So, we decided we should learn how to play.

Another Oasis reference so I think we need to hear from them now…

…and what was the last song you sang in public?

The last song we sang in public was Rust To Gold by us. We just finished a show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. That was the last song in the set.

Let’s watch… 

That was awesome!


What’s on your MP3 player right now?

Right now there is The Killers, U2, Imagine Dragons, Angels and Airwaves,


Tell us something embarrassing about yourselves growing up together.

We used to get a lot of Blizzards at Dairy Queen. A fast food restaurant in the states. Well, we noticed that the first Blizzard always had the least amount of Reeses Pieces in it (thats what we like in our blizzards). On the way home we got into a fist fight over who had to take the first made Blizzard. Pretty funny looking back on it now.

We used to load all the corn for our farm when we were younger. The corn stalks were very high and dense. In the summer morning they would be covered in dew and create a hot sticky mess. Well, we used to argue about one of us not loading fast enough and we would run into each other with the bushel to knock the other over into the stalks.

Brilliant! I never know what a Blizzard was up until now.

Have you heard of Eurovision?

Yes, we have heard of Eurovision. Its kind of like music Olympics for European Countries. Its a great idea.

I’ve never heard it described quite like that before but I’m glad you have heard of it!


What was the number one song when you were born?

“La Bamba” by Los Lobos for Pat and myself and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison for Andy.

Cool! Let’s take a trip down musical memory lane…


Who is the Queen Of Pop?

Katy Perry

Oh dear your first wrong answer – it’s always Madonna 🙂


What’s your favourite joke?

This is a very hard question. We love comedy very much. One of our favourite jokes is when comedian Jimmy Carr takes questions or tweets from the audience and responds. It’s not so much a punchline joke as brilliant humor.


What’s your favourite lyric from your own songs?

From our song, The World Is On Fire, “Sometimes less is more then you’ll ever need”

Let’s hear it…


What’s your favourite lyric ever?

Baba O’Riley by The Who – “Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals, I get my back into my living, I don’t need to fight, To prove I’m right, I don’t need to be forgiven.”


Have you ever been to Scotland?

No, but Scotland is on a short list of places we want to visit in the next couple of years.

Well, I can recommend Aberdeen as a place do play a gig!


What’s next for Council?

Hopefully, writing some new tunes. A publishing deal and then a major label deal.


All the best of luck for the future and thanks Doug, for chatting with me!


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