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Phebe Starr

Who is Phebe Starr?

Phebe Starr is the latest pop starlet from down under to make our collective heart skip a beat.

With comparisons to that of Lykki Li, Florence And The Machine and fellow Aussie Sia; Phebe’s unique style of music has begun to make waves in the music scene.

Starr got her start from tastemaker radio station Triple J. Her debut single “Alone With You” hit national airwaves and traveled through the cyberspace appearing on blogs for Neon Gold, Interview Mag, Perez Hilton, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. The 5 track E.P Zero has been placed on various film, TV shows and even a Samsung commercial.

From her early raw beginnings to the last 12 months of intense growth and development in the US writing scene, Phebe is about to unleash her new music onto the world. Her new EP “Chronicles” features 5 strong, theatrical tracks that will make you take notice.

Taken a listen to my favourite track from Phebe – “Feel My Love” and then read on for the interview that this awesome Aussie did for Talk About Pop Music.

Hey Phebe – thanks for taking the time to Talk About Pop Music with us! My favourite song of yours is “Feel My Love” – what’s it about and how would you really want to feel your love?

Feel my love is a song about accepting and celebrating our imperfections. I see my well intentions don’t always translate. I guess its my desire to be understood and received for what I mean and not what I say.

Who are your musical gods or goddesses?

The Cure, Bjork, Jonny Cash, Sufjan Stevens, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac

Wow! Some big names in there – good choices.

What was the first song you sang in public?

Probably an original, I was writing songs on the spot as soon as I could talk. I think I lived in a Disney cartoon. My mum says it was hilarious.

Can’t beat a bit of Disney! So, what was the last song you sang in public?

Feel My Love

Cool! I think we need to hear it again as it’s so good – here’s the live version and a wee bit of chat from you…

What’s on your MP3 player right now?

Tove Lo

I’ve only heard a little of her stuff but if you’re listening then that’s a good enough recommendation for me.

Tell us something embarrassing about yourself…

I spill things on myself most of the time when eating.

I do too but I call it “saving that bit for later”

What was the last gig you performed at?

A show in Brisbane supporting my good pals Tigertown.

I LOVE Tigertown – they’ve been sitting on the Talk About Pop Music “Discovered 2016” playlist right beside you so tell them I say hi! Let’s hear from them…

Are you a Belieber or a non Belieber?

Definitely a Belieber!

Would you ever do Eurovision?

Yes, I don’t think they’ll have me though.

Oh I’m sure they would – let’s start a campaign.

Who is the Queen Of Pop?

Hmmm this is hard, Robyn…haha it’s always Madonna but I like your thinking in this case…

What’s your favourite joke?

I’m a big fan of puns…like this…

Puns are my thing too. Good call!

What’s your favourite lyric from your own songs?

I am not sure I have one, I tend to write from experience so it doesn’t really feel like a lyric.

Well, ok – what’s your favourite lyric ever?

Prob anything by Amy Winehouse. I think her lyrics are so rich.

Indeed! A real loss for the music world.

Have you ever been to Scotland?

Yes for 4 hours.

Ace – and I bet it was raining for at least 3 of them.

What’s next for Phebe?

I am currently on tour in the USA.

Aug 31st – Bootleg Theatre L.A

Sept 15th – Sofar Sounds, NYC

Sept 19th – Mercury Lounge, NYC

Oct 7th – Daytrotter  – Davenport IA

Oct 8th – Upstairs VIRGIN SHOW CHICAGO

All the best of luck for the future and thanks Phebe, for chatting with me!

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