Frank Sinatra

Every UK Number One Album: Songs For Swingin’ Lovers

Frank Sinatra

What was the number one album in the UK on 28th July 1956?

“Songs For Swingin’ Lovers” by Frank Sinatra was Number One on 28th Jult 1856 and stayed there for two weeks.

Although this was the first ever UK Number One Album it was actually Frank Sinatra’s tenth studio album!

These are songs from an entirely different era and way of life that it’s hard for me to comprehend. I’d love to be transported back to the time when these songs are playing on the radio so I could experience it.

The album has some of the classic songs from Ol’ Blue Eyes such as “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”…

It also has the wonderful “Anything Goes” which is not a song I would have associated with Frank but I love his version of the track…

The song that makes me snigger like a schoolboy is “Making Whoopee”…

Wouldn’t it be great if we really did get…

So, get comfy, grab a lover and start swingin’! Also, prepare to join us on a long and exciting journey looking at all the future number one albums!


This album took a different track after In the Wee Small Hours (1955), recording existing pop standards in a hipper, jazzier fashion, revealing an overall exuberance in the vein of Songs for Young Lovers and Swing Easy!. The original cover had Sinatra facing away from the young couple, but in 1957 Capitol altered the cover with a new image of Sinatra facing the couple. Most CD releases have retained the new cover.

In 2000, the album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, and ranked number 306 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time in 2003.[2] Sinatra aficionados often rank it his best or second best album (to In the Wee Small Hours) and many music critics consider it one of the greatest albums of its era.[3]

The LP was the first number one album in the UK. It was knocked off the top after two weeks by Carousel (the 1956 movie’s soundtrack).

In February 2014, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab released a hybrid disc (SACD + CD) of the album. The original 1956 front cover art was re-used for this issue.


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