Who are Rabbii?

From Stockholm Rabbii are melding sharp synths with sweeping melodies and lyricism that speaks the customarily unspeakable, RABBII defies current convoluted indie-pop norms with an unabashed, direct approach.

Felix (one half of RABBII) grew up in the town of Lund in an environment rooted in academia while Jo (the other half) was raised in working class Eskilstuna largely removed from society with two deaf parents. While Felix’s path led quite naturally to a career as a professional producer in Stockholm, Jo made a leap of faith at age 14 moving herself to Stockholm to attend prestigious music academy Rytmus all in the face of the sad reality that her parents would never hear her sing — her deepest passion.

Despite vastly different social and musical foundations, one unifying thematic force emerges — a distinct vision rooted in emotion, intensity, and a desire for a realized unattainable ideality. Revolution is liberty. Revolution is strife. Revolution is bliss. Revolution is blood. Caught in a web of these opposing forces lies RABBII.

Without a clear trajectory and a future entirely unknown, one this is for certain — RABBII will not go unnoticed.

Taken a listen to my favourite track from Rabbii – “New Friends” and then read on for the interview that this awesome duo did for Talk About Pop Music.

Hey guys – thanks for taking the time to Talk About Pop Music with us! My favourite song of yours is “New Friends” – what’s it about?

If you’ve ever lost a friend…death, illness, depression or just that you stopped being friends…then you know the feeling that you can never mend what that separation broke. You’ll try filling the hole, but it will never work. Great theme for a dance track, right?

The dance track certainly makes it a bit more upbeat! Was making the video as much fun as it looked?

Haha, yeah. We just called a few friends and ask if they wanted to be blurred out and dance a bit in a bed. We just did what we felt like, since there wasn’t any budget. The good thing with that is that you can do whatever you want. That was liberating.

Yeah! Who needs a budget anyway!


How did you come up with the name Rabbii?

We love the revolution, but if it comes true it won’t be as good as in our dreams. Nothing can be perfect if you get it, it can only be perfect when you’re chasing it.

Who are your musical gods or goddesses?

Jarvis Cocker, Shirley Manson, Karin Dreijer, Lykke Li, just to name a few.

What was the first song you sang in public?

Probably something with Spice Girls. Girrrrrl Power!

Can’t beat a bit of Spice! What was the last song you sang in public?

Chameleon, I think.

Fab! Let’s watch the video…

What’s on your MP3 player right now?

MP3-player? Love it! Uhh.. Listening a lot to the soundtrack from Stranger Things right now, it’s hauntingly beautiful!

Haha, yeah well at least I didn’t say “walkman”! I also loved Stranger Things – great show!


Tell us something embarrassing about yourself

Everything is embarrassing. I’m nervous, I get too drunk, I say things I shouldn’t and I’m afraid to stand up for myself. But trying to fix it. My shrink thinks I’m really making progress. Not joking.

That sounds familiar…


What was the last gig you performed at?

We’re playing in a park in Stockholm this Saturday actually. So if you’re in the neighborhood come by!

Oh wow! I loved Stockholm when I was there earlier this year and I’d love to go back!


Would you ever do Eurovision?


Booooooo lol


What was the number one song when you were born?

No idea, I want it to be something like Depeche Mode or something but with my luck it’s something by Curiosity Killed The Cat…

Well…actually…in the UK it was this…

Who is the Queen Of Pop?

It’s weird that we’re putting artists in genders. Like gender matters in pop. A little bit like thinking ”who’s the best tall pop star?” Beyonce’s awesome, so her? Kesha is 5’9, so she might be the tallest, fyi.

Wow! We’ve never had an answer like that before.


What’s your favourite joke?

Two Monks Discover How Tall Women And Horses Are

Okay then…


What’s your favourite lyric from your own songs?

Right now: ”Your eyes are my lungs and my body your shelter” from “New Friends”.

…and what’s your favourite lyric ever?

”I know you’re gonna let him bore your pants off again ” – Pulp from ”Do you remember the first time”

Loving a bit of Jarvis, let’s listen…

Have you ever been to Scotland?

No, but we’d really love to go. The history alone! And Scotland’s really been so great the last couple of years. The including nationalism that’s against all the far right nationalism everywhere else in Europe. The constant left-leaning. And Nicola Sturgeon. Love her!!

Go The Sturge!

What’s next for Rabbii?

Hopefully we’ll release a few more songs this year, and we’re beginning to start playing live more and more, so that’s fun. Wish us luck!


All the best of luck for the future and thanks Rabbii, for chatting with us!


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