INTERVIEW: Alexis Keegan

Who is Alexis Keegan?

Alexis Keegan is an LA-based soul-pop singer, that has played shows with Kate Voegele, Tyler Hilton, Howie Day, and more. Her single “Worry No More” charted on the AC and Hot AC Mediabase charts and the Billboard AC Indicator chart. Alexis was recently the #1 most added independent artist at indie radio in the country.


Take a listen to the latest single “Everything” and then read on to see what Alexis had to say when Talk About Pop Music recently caught up with her.

Hey Alexis – thanks for chatting to Talk About Pop Music – I love your sound – how would you describe it?

Slightly pop, more R&B, touch of soul.


“Everything” is such an anthem of a song – what’s the meaning behind it?

Thanks! Everything was written about that “oh crap” moment when you realize you have feelings for one of your friends. My few serious relationships have all started out as just a friendship and very slowly progressed into more, and literally waking up one day and being like “….. Oh man I think I like so and so”. The things that were unattractive to me before were suddenly very very attractive.  Such a weird thing!

I’d love to hear more!


Who are your musical gods or goddesses?

Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Gavin DeGraw!

Some great female singers of our time in there – that’s for sure!

What was the first song you sang in public?

Mary J. Blige “I’m Goin’ Down” at a little open mic night at a coffee shop, a capella, and terrified.

A great song – let’s remind ourselves of the original…

And the last song you sang in public?

My song “Worry No More” in Cedar Rapids, IA last month opening for American Idol Winner Lee DeWyze

Okay we don’t have that version but here’s the next best thing!

What’s on your MP3 player right now?

My most recent played music is Aretha Franklin’s “Soul Queen” album, Maren Morris “Hero” album (totally obsessed),  Usher “Confessions” album, Allen Stone’s album and everything Beyonce!!


Tell us something embarrassing about yourself…

I don’t know if this is so much embarrassing because this kind of thing is pretty normal for me haha but last Halloween I dressed up as my dog for Halloween (as a pug) and he dressed up as me. It was amazing haha!

That does indeed sound epic!


Have you heard of Eurovision?

I haven’t but just looked it up 🙂 Seems awesome and would love to be a part of it!

Everyone should be a part of it haha!


Who is the Queen Of Pop?

The Queen of Pop is Madonna, but MY queen of pop is Beyonce! 🙂

Okay – I’ll let you have that one 🙂


What’s your favourite joke? 

Why was the chef embarrassed? ….Because he saw the salad dressing (hehehe)

Oh. My.


What’s your favourite lyric ever?

The entire song lyrics of “Northern Wind” by City and Colour is one of my all time favorites – particularly the line of “You’re the lullaby, that’s singing me to sleep, you are the other half you’re like a missing peace”. I don’t know if it’s the way he sings it, or the lyrics, but I feel it in my chest in a good way. It’s just so beautiful.

Let’s listen…

Have you ever been to Scotland? 

No but would love to!!!

Well, look me up when you come over!


What’s next for Alexis?

Very soon I will be releasing a song and video for a new single called “Empty Heart”. It’s a special one to me and I can’t wait for people to hear and see it! Also, hoping to hit to road again before the end of the year!


All the best of luck with the new single and for the future and thanks Alexis, for chatting with me!

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