A Halloween Mix-tape – Music For Monsters

A Mix-tape For Halloween 

It’s Halloween so what better way to celebrate than a monster-filled mix-tape? What would I include on this spooky playlist?


Bobby Boris Pickett – “Monster Mash”

A Halloween party would not be a party without this song!

The Automatic – “Monster”

A little bit more up to date and filled with so much energy that I think after listening to this song we would definitely kick that monster’s ass!

Lady Gaga – “Monster”

Paws up for mother monster! This is not an official Gaga video but it’s awesome all the same.

Jessica Lange – “Gods & Monsters”

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you will know how much I have been enjoying American Horror Story and that I have developed a slight “old lady crush” on Ms. Lange.

The Boy Least Likely To – “Monsters”

One of my favourite bands that usually produce jingly, jangly happy songs so this track all about monsters is a bit of an oxy-moron (I think).

REM – “Furry Happy Monsters”

Let’s end on a happy high Halloween…

What about you, what songs would you include on a monster themed mix-tape? Let use know in the comments below or tweet @PopAndTalk




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