PREMIERE: Melissa Bel – Title Track From “In The Light” 

Melissa Bel

Who is Melissa Bel?

Melissa Bel has been captivating audiences and listeners her whole life.

As she explains, “My mom would say I started singing before I started talking. I remember being in daycare as a two year-old and singing for everybody. I have a vivid memory from age six of looking in the mirror and saying ‘I’m going to be a singer.’ I was just so sure that nothing else was going to happen.”

Don’t just take our word for how awesome she is, take a listen to the title track “In The Light” from her new album – exclusive here for Talk About Pop Music…

When is Melissa’s new album released?

After a fateful night in Vegas, Toronto-bred Melissa Bel followed her heart and took the leap to move to the UK with her new found love. Her latest album In The Light, due for release on 4th November 2016 via Belhop Records, tells the story of this journey.

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