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Sam Way Last Page

Who is Sam Way?

You should probably pop Sam Way  your ‘Ones To Watch’ list for 2017 if his new single ‘Last Page’ released November 4th is anything to go by.

Discovered by the legendary Eric Hall – who helped launch the careers of Queen and the Sex Pistols – Sam already has a stellar line-up of collaborators under his belt, including William Baker (Creative Director on videos for Rihanna, Kylie Minogue and Outkast), chart-topping composer Edward Abela, Olivier Award-winning singer and actor Matt Henry, and pioneering producer Moghul Veyron.

London-based but Devon-born, Sam’s early education was in world music under the influence of his musician father. Completely self taught, Sam is a singer-songwriter of the old school – where it’s all about raw, organic talent.

The stunning new single makes him one to watch:

You may also recognise Sam from the odd billboard – with ad campaigns for Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger and Diesel under his belt – so no one special – but it’s as a singer-songwriter where Sam’s visceral talent lies. His legion of fans across social media – especially Turkey – where he’s become the face of a fictional character from a breakout book entitled 4N1K – which is currently being developed into a film – already propelled Sam’s 2015 EP, Architect, right to their hearts and back again, propelling it to No.15 in the iTunes charts.

The accompanying video was shot in New York and Coney Island and  features Amanda Sherryl – it was directed by Emily Winiker.

Things are going to get even more interesting following the release of ‘Last Page’ with the UK tour, beginning early 2017 to support the release of his EP.

Listen to more of Sam on Spotify:

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