Who is Aleesia?

Aleesia has had a steady string of Top 40 hits starting with “Bubble Gum” which was released when she was only nineteen and led to her sharing the stage with the likes of Bruno Mars, Sir Elton John, Adam Lambert Shawn Desman and Kardinal Offishall.

Aleesia’s sultry vocals has found her collaborating with Big Sean on “Kiss It Bye Bye” from her 2012 debut album Girl Talk and Martin Garrix on the the title track from his Gold Skies EP (which subsequently hit #1 on Beatport’s charts where it remained for several weeks and was called “Empire Of The Sun on steroids by Perez Hilton).

In September of 2015, Aleesia was featured on globally renowned DJ Robin Schulz’s track “Love Me Loud” setting the stage for Aleesia’s upcoming 2016 EP, which will feature iconic DJ/Producer Afrojack and singer/songwriter Dan Talevski.  Once this EP hits the world, there is little doubt that Aleesia will join the ranks of her aforementioned collaborators as an international star.

Take a listen to “Dum” – her latest release and then read on to see what Alessia had to say when Talk About Pop Music recently caught up with her.

Hey Alessia – thanks for chatting to us we love your sound – how would you describe it?

Urban pop sprinkled with some indie pixie dust.

Fab! There’s just not enough pixie dust in the world these days! So, what’s your song “dum” about?

It’s about all the crazy, weird, fun, dum, real stuff people do as they progressively party.

Best decade for music?

Questionable 90s or 2000s.

Who are your musical gods or goddesses?

MJ, Bey, Alanis, JT.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they decided to collaborate!

What was the first song you sang in public?

“My Heart Will Go On” & “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”. Those were my 6-year old go-to’s.

Shall we? Shall we – oh got on let’s…

What was the last song you sang in public?


Ah ok that makes sense but – well let’s just pretend it was this because I think everyone should hear your cover of ‘Love Yourself’…

What music is on your iPhone right now?

Too much to list — but Lady Wood – Tove Lo, Flume, Drake “Fake Love” & a playlist called NEW ISH by yours truly.

Who is the Queen of pop?

Queen Bey.

Wrong! It’s always Madonna but I’ll let you off.

Tell us something embarrassing about yourself…

I don’t know how to ride a bike.

Wow, really? Watch this and see what you are missing…

Have you heard of Eurovision? If so, would you do it?

Ummmmm. I have a thing with reality singing competition shows. Honestly they’re not my favourite, so probably not.

What was the number one song when you were born?

“Release Me” – Wilson Phillips.  September 1990 baby.

Love them – let’s listen…

What was the first song you bought/downloaded/streamed?

I specifically remember buying the albums “Jagged Little Pill” by Alanis & “The Woman In Me” by Shania Twain when I was little. I mean, obviously my mom bought them, but I was in attendance and knew every song off them.

You are only allowed one song on repeat for the rest of your life – what would it be?

“Do Ya Thang” – Rihanna. It just makes me so happy. So even though this is a cruel question, I’d like to chase happiness if this were the case.

What’s your favourite joke?

I don’t really have a favourite joke… but if I want to make someone laugh, I will send them the “when you ask your girlfriend what she wants to eat” Notebook meme. Gets me every time.

What’s your favourite lyric ever?

I’m a freak for lyrics so this is tough. To answer simply though – “checking your reflection and telling your best friend like girl I think my butt getting big.”

Have you ever been to Scotland?

No, but I would love to go.

And we would love to see you here! So, what’s next for you?

I’m just gonna keep hitting you with new music. There’s so much more where “Dum” came from and I wanna get it out there. A tour is in the works for the new year also!

All the best of luck for the future and thanks Aleesia, for chatting with me!

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