Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist

Spotify Discover Weekly

What is Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist?

I love my playlists, mixtapes and I’ve started to also love Spotify. You can imagine my joy when Spotify started to produce a playlist called “Discover Weekly” which consists of songs chosen just for me based on my listening habits – automagically!

I pretty much love every song on my playlist every week and there are songs ranging from cheesy to ballads and everything in between.

Taken a listen to my “Discover Weekly” playlist…

One of my favourite tracks so far this week has to be Linnea Olsson’s cover of ‘Go Your Own Way’.

What about you? Please feel free to share your playlist with me, I’d love to hear!


27 responses to “Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist

  1. Oh my goodness! Mine is all over the place! Spotify is basically the reason why I keep adding all kinds of music. I’m pretty sure my Discover Weekly would be stuck in the raggaeton genre because that’s all I’ve been listening to since Saturday night. I have a weakness for it, scratch that I have a weakness for music in general! Lol 🙂

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  3. Will you stop reblogging ffs, I was like how can this eejit not know about the Discover playlist and then I realised this was a year ago lol
    Still Spotify continues to amaze me with it’s accuracy of choice for my playlist each week, I find so many gems.
    I do like that wee song by Luke friend though, it might have to become a playlist addition 🙂

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