LISTEN: Bree Taylor – ‘Broken Dreams’

Who is Bree Taylor?

Bree Taylor is the newest singer-songwriter to come out of Canada and let me tell you, we cannot be more excited.

Among being the winner of the 2015 FACTOR demo award, her debut EP is sure to even better. Bree Taylor shares her deepest thoughts and emotions with her release of “Broken Dreams”. We know we are in for an emotional roller coaster that will pass by the memories that we wish we could change or the good memories that we wish we can go back and stay. Bree Taylor says this song is “for everyone who has had their heart broken and been left with broken dreams of a relationship and future with someone”.

Many of us have been victims of this and “Broken Dreams” is a song that is made specifically for those of us who need comforting from someone who has gone through the same thing. Bree Taylor is known for her powerful, honest lyrics and dynamic melodies that express a range of emotions. Being alone limits us on our capabilities but if we come together as one, there is nothing that can stop us. Join Bree Taylor and listen to “Broken Dreams” so that we can unite together.


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Thanks to the awesome Casey for submitting this review!