Epics - Songs That Tell A Story

“Epics” – Songs That Tell A Story

Not songs that share an emotion, not your simple verse chorus verse bridge verse chorus reprise.

Give me a storyline people, what happened? How did it start where did it go?

How could I possibly make a mix-tape of this?

Well, here’s a start…

“Dignity”  – Deacon Blue

This is one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s a story about an ordinary man with a simple dream. He works hard at a job he doesn’t really enjoy or get well paid for but he’s dedicated.

I love the line “he packs his lunch in a Sunblest bag” because it reminds me of me. Sunblest is a type of bread and whenever I had packed lunches at school I would get my sandwiches wrapped in an empty Sunblest bag. Other kids had theirs wrapped in clingfilm or even more hardcore – tinfoil.

Looking back I guess I was kind of jealous/ashamed that I never had what they had but thinking again – it was practical and cost efficient!

There lyrics just make so much sense and he achieves his dream in the end – what else could you possibly want?

“Anna”  – Hello Saferide

This is a song about a girl and her husband having their daughter. I didn’t really think too much about it when I first heard it….until it got to the end. If it was a movie then let’s just say it has the ultimate twist. I went from thinking “oh, this is so sad” to “you bastard” in a split second.

Now whenever I listen to it and I know what’s coming it’s just so sad again.

“Love Hurts” – Nan Vernon

This is a cover version of an old swinging sixties song. It was played at the end of the remake of Halloween 2 with the serial killer Michael Myers.

It’s a really haunting version and I think it’s amazing that a song can make you actually feel sorry for a psycho, Captain Kirk mask wearing, murdering fuckwit….but the music – in my opinion, don’t worry I’m not about to go out on a murder spree – makes me think about his twisted mind just that little bit more (at the same time, it scares me shitless).

“Sunchyme” – Dario G

Okay, I know this could be mocked and classed as cheesy, dance nonsense…but I love the way it builds and builds to the climax – a story with music as the words. It also reminds me of my first year at University which was one of the best periods of my life.

It’s sometimes makes me sad (in an amazing way) when I listen to this track.

“Vincent” – Don McLean

Such a mellow song telling such a tragic story. I’m also a huge Doctor Who fan so couple this song with the episode Vincent and the Doctor and it makes me want to find out so much more about Vincent Van Gogh.

“Sunscreen” – Baz Luhrmann

Okay, so not technically a song but it has some epic advice that I recall and try to follow all the time.

So, that’s just the start of this epic story mix-tape!

What about you? What songs would you include on a “storytelling” mix-tape? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @PopAndTalk and I will add them to the the Spotify playlist!

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