EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: Spotify Playlists That Every Eurovision Fan Needs To Follow

Eurovision Song Contest Playlists

Eurovision Song Contest Playlists

If you are as much of a Eurovision fan as we are here at Talk About Pop Music then you need these Spotify playlists in your life.

So far we have playlists for all songs from the past three contests…

Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Official EntriesEurovision Song Contest 2015: Official EntriesEurovision 2014: The Official Entries







Not only that but if you’ve ever wondered what other songs Eurovision artists have then wonder no more…

Eurovision PlaylistsEurovision 2015: The Artist's Other SongsEurovision 2014: The Artists Other Songs



More Eurovision-tastic playlists will be added over time so make sure to keep checking back here

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