Inauguration Day – A Presidential Mix-tape

Donald Trump

Judgement Day Inauguration Day – A Presidential Mix-tape

In case you didn’t know today is the day that Donald Trump officially becomes the President Of The USA.

I couldn’t help myself. Sorry America!

If I was to create a mix-tape to celebrate this momentous occasion what songs would I include?

“Wind Of Change” – The Scorpions

Yes, this will be a time of change with a Russian influence.

“The Presidents Of The USA”  – Lump

Meet the new President.

“A Trip To Trumpton”  – Urban Hype

Join him on a crazy journey.

“Two Tribes” – Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Who knows how it will end?

“The Best” – Tina Turner

But let’s be positive and we could all be wrong?

What about you? What songs would you include on a “presidential” mix-tape? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @PopAndTalk