Official UK Chart Update: Shape Of You (I See You)

Ed Sheeran Shape Of You

What’s the number one song in the UK charts this week?

For week ending 20th January 2017, the number on song is ‘Shape Of You’ by Ed Sheeran.

Ed broke all sorts of records last week by having both the number one and number two spot with brand new songs. I love this but I still prefer the other song ‘Castle On The Hill’.

Take a listen to the latest full top 40 on this playlist:

What’s the number one album in the UK charts this week?

There’s a new album at number one and it’s by The xx – ‘I See You’

I’ve seen this band’s name being talked about on various music sites over the past few weeks but never actually listened to them. This week I was hearing a song played on the radio over and over and never caught who sang it. So, I used the wonders of Shazam and discovered it was ‘On Hold’ and I was like “oh my god, I have to listen to this album now”. I did, it’s awesome, go listen!

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